Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project Management Office Productivity - Make or Buy?

Some things to consider before you begin: Why are you asking the question, make or buy?

  • What is the scope of the problem/opportunity being addressed? Do you need a complete system redesign or would some limited or specific improvements achieve most of the gains you’re seeking.
  • What constraints (cost, duration, strategic alignment, …) will be applied to any given solution you identify?
  • How detailed and specific are existing management methods (steps, forms, templates, reports, …)? As methods evolve, the need for customized tools increases.
  • How flexible can you be with respect to existing methods and where?
  • Do you have a well formed evolution plan for the organizations that will utilize or be impacted by the solution you implement?
  • What ancillary methods/systems will your solution be required to support and how?
  • What off the shelf tools are available in the market?
  • What resources and technologies can you draw upon to develop (and maintain) custom solutions?

Project Management Office Productivity - Make or Buy? - PM Hut

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