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Me and Google no. 3

This interview was done in September of 2001 with the Namibian Economist:

Premier must distribute electricity

This is the first year that Premier Electric will join the Windhoek Show as an exhibitor. The company was established on 23 August 1999 by a cabinet resolution but has only become operational recently said its manager of commercial services, Mr Hylton Ferreira.
He explained that the company is a 100% subsidiary of NamPower founded with the objective of establishing distribution networks in Namibian towns, villages and communities. It is also charged with establishing and promoting the use of solar energy, especially in areas where grid electrification is not feasible due to excessively high costs. The company also supplies technical expertise for services and maintenance as well as operations of local electricity distributors, according to Mr Ferreira. He said that one of the most important functions of the company is to negotiate agreements with local authorities to operate and maintain distribution network systems within the jurisdictions of those authorities.

 When asked what the company’s relationship to Northern Electricity is, Mr Ferreira said that Premier is not against any Regional Electricity Distributor (RED). He pointed out that the company was established to assist government with the creation of REDs, adding that the direction given by government is aimed at creating a better business environment, ‘Therefore we will adapt our business to support these government objectives,” he added.
In Otavi, the smart partnership between Premier Electric and Otavi Electrical Company has already produced upgrades on existing networks, new connections and an improved billing system, said Ferreira.
Ferreira added that the company offers local authorities several smart partnership options like joint ventures as well as operation and management agreements. He pointed out that all options can be tailor-made and customised in terms of the customer’s needs and wants.
In explaining why Premier Electric is the way to go in terms of smart partnership, Ferreira said that it is a fully owned Namibian company. He said that government established the company and that its core business is electricity distribution. According to Ferreira, Premier Electric understands the Namibian situation, has countrywide representation and is a socially responsible corporate citizen.

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