Monday, January 17, 2011

Peer Assist in Project Management: Learning Before Doing

Faced with challenging projects, teams call on colleagues with relevant experience.

Knowledge workers in NASA work on the edge, carrying out complex projects that have never before been attempted. It shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that teams working on these projects cannot possibly know everything they need to know to perform to the highest standards. In many cases, they haven’t had the opportunity to learn from previous experience, or they haven’t had ready access to those who have “done it before.”

It’s not always easy to admit we don’t know everything, but once we do and ask for help, the process of gaining new knowledge has already begun. It takes time and effort, though, to get the right knowledge to flow and transfer when and where it’s needed. Fortunately, there is a proven knowledge management technique that can help. Called a peer assist, it accelerates the transfer of knowledge from those who have it to those who need it in many organizations.

Great article by Kent A. Greenes:
Peer Assist in Project Management: Learning Before Doing - PM Hut

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