Monday, August 9, 2010

SAAS fighting through Adolescence

Security, Integration, and Data Migration are concerns that will not be easily done away with. I guess SAAS will be playing second fiddle to the proprietary ERP's for a little longer. Financial capital layout is a major criteria to adopt change and it will be for SAAS to prove that integration and data migration will be a smooth process to ensure that endless tapping of financial resources to ensure success does not take place. The article paints a picture that SAAS will have to do more to gain market acceptance. Targeting existing corporates may be more of a challenge to accept SAAS than meets the eye.

SaaS's Troubled Adolescence: 3 Signs of Immaturity

Sunday, August 8, 2010

No need for unnecessary headaches in Ubuntu Linux

From the onset I will admit that changing from proprietary software (MS Windows) to Open Source (Ubuntu Linux) was not without a couple of knocks and doubt. Maybe I'm over exaggerating on the knocks which have been much smoother that I ever expected. I ran against my first brick-wall when I tried to install the huge and very popular software repository Ubuntu Tweak. Getting my first message of a corrupted file was a bit disheartening. I fooled around with the message to rectify the problem, but the way I structured the command line did not solve my problem. I sourced some help from the Ubuntu website and came across this help link that should be a bookmark for every Ubuntu user: .

It is an awesome resource that gives immediate answers to posted questions. All posts and answers can be viewed. I got a quick crash course on the use of command line in Ubuntu and successfully executed my first command in Ubuntu:
Applications>Accessories>Terminal>sudo dpkg --configure -a

The interactivity and feedback in stack exchange is timeous and pretty amazing. Any problem encountered can be fixed in a jiffy.I installed Ubuntu Tweak without any hassle. The Compiz application in Tweak allows the user to build up an awesome desktop. An amazing feature. For now I am continuing my exploring into the wonderful world of Ubuntu Linux.