Monday, January 17, 2011

The difference between Auditing and Diagnosing a Project

An Audit checks compliance to some standard or expectation. A report or plan is reviewed to see if it complies with the expected standard, if completed correctly, fully and is appropriately signed off.

A Diagnostic is a diagnosis of the root causes of the state of a project and an analysis of its likelihood of success.

An Audit assumes that the process, if correctly followed, will lead to the desired result. The focus is on ‘correctly followed’.

A Diagnostic diagnoses the current status of the project, how it has reached this point, and identifies the resultant and residual risks to the successful completion of the project.

An Audit will make comments in relation to the quality or otherwise of the document. The Diagnostic will only focus on whether the use of the document adds value and reduces risk on the project.

The results are quite different.

Article by Jed Simms for PM Hut:
The difference between Auditing and Diagnosing a Project - PM Hut

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