Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Will Facebook be the One Ring for Location?

It is difficult not to recognise the power of Facebook as a social network. Facebook is a place most people feel safe interacting. Maybe Facebook is the "One Ring for Location".

Will Facebook be the One Ring for Location?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Waratahs hunt first kiwi "Grand Slam"

As an Auckland Blues supporter I can only say "Bring it on!" to the Waratahs. Hold your horses. You'll need to postpone those winning aspirations for another weekend. Go Blues Go!!!

Waratahs hunt first kiwi "Grand Slam" - official site of the All Blacks

Sir Clive Woodward ready to return to England helm | Mail Online

England to bolster their 2011 Rugby World Cup aspirations with the return of Sir Clive Woodword to the game. There is no doubt that Woodward is capable of being instrumental in a complete turn around to the bad fortunes of the English team. Although he says that he does not anticipate making any changes, it is inevitable that heads will role. Amongst those that may get the chop will be Rob Andrew, Elite Rugby Director. Woodward may retain Martin Johnson, his victorious 2003 Rugby World Cup captian. He certainly has everthing going for him to call the shots.

SPECIAL REPORT: Sir Clive Woodward ready to return to England helm Mail Online

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Google may announce China plans next Monday

Yea, right! I'll bet you my bottom dollar that Google will not pull out from China. Pulling out of the world's largest and emerging market seems ludicrous to me. To me it's more bark than bite from Google. I'll wait in anticipation(with a chuckle)!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Namibia National Sport Fund

Having experienced the Vancouver Olympic Games and what it can do for the people made me realise what my country, Namibia, experienced when Frank Fredericks won his first Olympic medal. As a nation we experienced an indescribable exuberance, a togetherness, and so proud to be Namibian. That was the feeling I experienced in Vancouver. Everybody was involved, the federal government, business, the public, and most importantly the athletes. One of the things that stood out of me was the sponsorship drive that made for a successful 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Which brings me to my point:

Namibia needs a revised strategy in sponsorship of sport. This strategy can be made in the simplest way, focussing on the need for renewed government intervention and support, and more support from the corporate and big business(Banking, Insurance, etc) through tax laws that will put into place and support a National Sport Fund.

Businesses in Namibia, banking, insurance, breweries, telecommunications, etc are all doing well. There are notable sponsors who carried Namibia sport over the years and at the present moment still making valuable contributions to sport, for e.g. MTC, LEO, Namibia Breweries, Trustco, Coca-Cola. There are many others who are involved in sport. It goes without saying that these contributions are vital, but Namibia needs a secure, consistent sponsorship policy. Government can consider introducing a sport tax across the customer service industry. The Namibian insurance and banking industry is vibrant and healthy, with most of the profits benefiting causes outside the borders of the country. These businesses make huge profits and must be called upon to make substantial contributions to a National Sport Fund. It can be done. It is not something new. The rewards of such a venture can result in Namibia to be a competitor in the international sport arena, and winning medals.

Business involvement is not a new concept. We need to make it happen for us. We need government involvement to establish the sponsorship policy and to call for buy-in from industry and the public. It can be done!

Canada Federal Government supports Olympic medal drive

Canada's federal goverment made a concerted effort to support the Olympic medal drive in support of the fundraising campaign, "Own the podium 2010". As an aftermath of the Vancouver Olympic games, this government support had it's fair share in the Canadian team's record breaking 14 Olympic gold medals in the 2010 event. Namibia needs to look into initiatives to produce Olympic greats such as Frank Fredericks. Namibia has produced sporting great's in numerous sporting disciplines like athletics, boxing, mountain biking, and some others. These achievements were realized through the dedication and hardwork of the athletes, but I dare say, through meagre sponsorships. If we as Namibians are happy with our sporting greats of the past and fail to actively seek ways to open up opportunities for new talent, which Namibia so richly has, it is and will just be sad. We need to seek for ways and means to support the National Sport Council's and influence the Namibian government to enact legislature to enable Namibia sport to add to our list of Olympic great's.

As a first step we can take a look at the latest success story:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Canada vs. USA - 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics FINAL

The Sidney Crosby goal against USA in the men's ice hockey is by far my favorite moment in what has been for me an excellent, eventful Olympic event. The USA men's hockey team were valiant losers. The Canada/USA final was a final with thrilling moments from an Alfred Hitchcock novel. I could have not asked for anything better than that. I am/was ecstatic that Canada won. This games was as exciting, rating amongst my favorites, as in the time that my Namibian compatriot Frank Fredericks won his medals at previous Olympic events.

YouTube - Canada vs. USA - 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics FINAL