Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Using Twitter for Project Management

There are a couple of services to set up a private group for sensitive information and to provide Twitter access that you, as the project manager, can administrate. Here are 3 steps to start managing projects with Twitter:
  1. Create a Twitter account for your private group and have your team create Twitter accounts or assign Twitter accounts with privacy features for your project team;
  2. To add private message and group management functionality choose either of these current Twitter add-ons:
    • Tweetworks,
    • GroupTweet,
    • TweetKnot, or
    • Twitter4Groups
    • You can also get Twitter-like microblogging services if you, your sponsor, or your team insist on even more privacy with one of these services:
      • Yammer,
      • Twhirl,
      • identi.ca, or
      • Twingr
  3. Create a bit.ly account to shorten file names and hyperlinks as well as track when your files are clicked on and how many people clicked on your file (ever wonder if your customer really said he did not get your attachment? If you use bit.ly you’ll at least see if he opened it).

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