Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Checklist for choosing Project Management Software

I found this article by Anita Simmonds very interesting because it challenged my perception of what I believed was the perfect project management software. But then I thought, I'll be using it for myself, just to realize that no work is done in isolation. The questions posted by Simmonds puts real perspective into making a choice for suitable PM software. We often want to have the biggest, best and more expensive option, comfortably neglecting the fact that so much project information can be accumulated in a spreadsheet.

Questions to ask:
  1. What will be culturally acceptable?
  2. Are people expecting a system?
  3. Are u using it as a change lever?
  4. Can it be offline or do you need web based software?
  5. Does it need to be familiar?
  6. Does it need to be compatible with other systems and software?
  7. How much money have you got?
  8. How simple is it to use?
  9. How flexible is it for your needs?
  10. Will you need training?
  11. What do you want it for/what do you want it to do?

Each of these question will probably bring you to a different answer, or it will help to make a choice to choose a software option that will take care of everything, or at least most of it!

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