Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project Success or Project Failure

Do all organizations acknowledge when a project was a failure or do they beat around bush and spin stories to sham project success? Not all projects are a success with or without project management intervention. The responsibility lies with the executives to give a true reflection on the status of projects. Shortcomings in projects, if documented, are a perfect learning curve, increasing success for future projects.

Martin Webster writes in PM Hut, "Invariably though, projects will deliver shades of success and failure for each of these attributes. But things happen and plans need to change. That’s life. Therefore I suggest that success should also become a measure of keeping things under control and learning (and doing) something about the mistakes.
Accordingly I’d recommend that project management takes a positive stance when reviewing performance. Blow your own trumpet – collude with the executive if that’s beneficial – and learn from your shortcomings and continually improve. It’s much better to have your glass half full rather than half empty!"

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