Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The increasing complexities of projects

Kerry Wills writes for PM Hut that, "projects are more complex than ever…

This is good news and bad news. The good news is that this complexity is driving the need and criticality of the Project Management profession to manage all of the moving parts. It is not uncommon for a mid sized project to have 5+ PMs to manage the different components. The bad news is that the complexity makes it really hard to deliver projects. Projects require so much coordination and integration now that one slip up can ripple through the entire project.

I wonder how far this trend will continue and if there are enough strong project managers who can actually deliver in this environment. My prediction is that companies will start to use vendor products and hosting more because the complexity to manage internally is just too high. Then, the Project Management profession will become more about vendor management and integration of components than pure delivery".

As with change that is taking place in the workplace on a daily basis I can agree that a shift may take place from pure delivery to vendor management. The vendor management and integration approach may allow a project to save labor cost as well. Having one or two project manager's instead of five project manager's to achieve the same desired goal, does exactly that. Save cost!

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