Sunday, May 1, 2011

PMP Certification: Is it worth it?

Pam Stanton's verdict:

In summary, here’s how I see it. Getting a PMP certification won’t hurt you, and it may expose you to some useful tools and ways to organize projects. It won’t, however, make you a great project manager—that you’ll have to earn through blood, sweat, and tears, and hopefully some laughter.

What does hurt all of us as a profession is the misconception that a PMP certification is an assurance of competence, and that’s where I’m passionately opposed. I seek to drive balance and visibility to the real skills that make or break a project manager, which is the emotional intelligence to know which tool to use at the right time, including a deep respect and appreciation for human behavior and group dynamics. As I repeat in my book and speeches: Human behavior is not a work breakdown structure, and methodology alone will not get you there.

My Verdict:

The PMP Certification has great value for non-certified Project Manager's coming from so-called third world economy into a first world economy. Although project management methodologies, concepts, and project execution is the same globally, the PMP certification is undoubtedly a great certification to consolidate years of project management experience with a certification that is well sought after by many international organizations.

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  1. This blog contains a very well said issue and a very important one.

    Earning a PMP Certification and being a Great Project Manager will never depend on what world economy you came from or the country for it is a globally and highly competent certification course.

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