Monday, May 23, 2011

Nine Successful Keys to Delegation in Project Management

Are we doing to much delegation in project to an extent that we are far too relaxed, or are we not delegating enough for fear that the project may not meet deadlines? Fred Morgan addresses this in an article for PM Hut.

Successful delegation is crucial to successful project management. Many people involved as leaders in project management are, however, afraid of delegation. They fear that if they delegate, the work won’t be done properly. Deadlines won’t be met. They cannot trust collaboration and teamwork to others; they have to do most things themselves and directly oversee the rest.

It is the delegation itself that must be done properly, however. Project management depends upon delegation simply because of the law of the division of labor: one person or team focused on one or two specific task(s) is more efficient and more productive than one person trying to juggle multiple tasks. One cannot be all things to a project or a business. As far as successful collaboration and teamwork go, these elements take care of themselves from an “emergent properties” perspective once delegation is done properly. The more laissez-faire project management is, the better. That manager is best who manages least.

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