Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why watermark your photo's

A friend recently alerted me to watermark my photos that I post on facebook, needless to say, on all interactions I have through all my webpages. Facebook hit me by storm. My initial intention in posting photos of my family and myself was to keep our family and friends informed in certain parts of our lives. My friends base has grown with leaps and bounds on facebook. Never did the thought dawn on me that I may be exposing myself to piracy and invasion of my privacy. With all the tagging that goes on in facebook in particular the thought of my photo' being exposed to piracy is haunting me to say the least. I know that facebook does allow for privacy settings to "friends only", but I'm not at ease at all. Facebook has a responsibility to add a photo watermarking application.

We start with posting one or two photo albums on facebook profiles,  not thinking of watermarking our photos. Who would want our photos anyway. I have 44 photo albums on my facebook profile at the moment that needs a watermark. Many of us may don't dwell on the thought of watermarking our photos. No need to, we believe.  Identity fraud is taking place everyday and I want to protect myself against that possibility. Professional photographer Gregory Taylor talks about the pros and cons of watermarking in the next article:

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