Monday, June 14, 2010

Selecting an Open Source Operating System

Open Source may not be ready to be rolled out as an independent ERP system yet. It is clear that many critical considerations need to be made such as usage, community, compatibility, and support. But these considerations are not only compulsary for open source software, but for commercial software as well. These concerns may be dealt with an inclusion of open source in an RFP, which will provide a level playing field to all intersted parties.

In my opinion Open Source lacks the acceptable buy-in from most stakeholders, especially non-IT personnel, which puts in into a position of playing catch-up to the well-known commercial packages. The bulk of the end-users are non-IT personnel. The learning curve to adapt to a new open source operating system may just pose to be a bridge to far. Although commercially acquired operating systems requires some learning as well, it is more acceptable to the end-users. It may be wise to use an open source operating system as a backup system to gain experience in the workplace. Gradually train selected employees as super-users, which in turn takes away the rude awakening of new system but also adds some level of acceptability to normal end-users.

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Selecting an Open Source Operating System

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