Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why Projects Suceed - Articulating the Value of Project Management

Balancing Strategy and Tactics

By connecting the dots between tactics and strategy and creating a balance between the two, the successful Project Manager provides true leadership to team members, stakeholders and the executive sponsors. That balance is required for any project or campaign, as illustrated by one of my favorite quotations:

“Strategy without tactics is the longest road to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” - Sun Tzu

Or as I like to paraphrase…

“Tactics without Strategy: a lot of running around. Strategy without Tactics: a lot of sitting around.”

OK, I’m not as poetic, poignant, or published as Sun Tzu, but you get my point. The successful Project Manager provides this balance for their teams and projects and ultimately ensures effective commitment management and value generation.


Driving “value” is only part of the battle for Project Management. Being able to articulate that value is crucial for successful Project Managers. Whether it’s motivating team members to participate in project activities, or getting stakeholders to pay attention to your project requests, describing the value of project management so that it is understood by stakeholders is a key to project success.

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Roger Kastner is a Business Architect with Slalom Consulting who is passionate about raising the caliber of project leadership within organizations to maximize the value of projects. You can read more articles from the series on “Why Projects Succeed” here.

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