Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reacting to a Problem

Things go wrong in projects, that’s fair enough. Lets take it as read that your trying your best to identify, remove or mitigate risks (if not stay tuned for more articles on the ins and outs of risks soon). But what do you do when something goes wrong, something that you under estimated or just plain missed (and this happens to all of us.)

First things first you need to understand what the impact of the problem is. Not the running around waving your hands screaming everyone’s going to die sort of impact, but the sober, sitting back, emotionally removing yourself for a moment and analysing from different perspectives sort of impact.

To get started consider who is actually involved and try and put some numbers on them (it’s usually less then you expect), next figure out the ways in which people have been impacted and split people above out into these groups. Write all this out and you’ll soon have a pretty good idea of what the actual impact is and you’ll have calmed down and feel a new mastery over the situation! By completing this little exercise you’ll now have a well defined tangible problem against which you can plan out your actions.

Article by Pete Winn( for PM Coup

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