Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Maximize Business Process Reengineering: People, Process, Tools

Business process re-engineering requires project management practitioners to leverage various methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, PMP and Prince 2 to deliver process efficiency and bottom line savings.
Although these methodologies are used for various purposes in solving for efficiency, there isn’t much focus on the psychological side of project management. My goal is to share key learnings across people, process, and tools that can help you in your business process re-engineering efforts.
In conclusion, project managers are expected to deliver results in shorter timelines with fewer resources. Strong relationships could mean the difference between having someone put your project at the top or bottom of his or her priority list.
Demonstrating relevance is important in today’s economy especially as many companies are engraining “innovation” or “transformation” into their DNA, if they haven’t done so already; therefore, being a great communicator and relationship builder is equally important as being a great technician.
This is the formula I’ve used over the years: 80 percent people + process (relationship/knowledge skills) and 20 percent tools (technical skills). It’s served me well – particularly when implementing new ways to manage projects (e.g., Critical Chain Project Management).
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