Monday, February 14, 2011

Five Lessons On Truth & Project Failure

Here are the five lessons he provides for project managers to help you bring the truth to light:

1.The truth always comes out and so it is best for you to share it. You will be more favorably regarded by telling the truth rather than denying problems or reaching out for help. It may take a while, but the truth eventually comes out.

2.Reach out for help when you need it. Asking for help is not only responsible, it is also good and appropriate communications and expectations management. Besides, you stand a much better chance of heading off major problems before they grow if you are willing to admit you need help and seek it.

3.When hiring project managers, watch out for those with a spotless record. Be suspicious of those who say 'on time on budget' as if it were a mantra or a secret pass phrase. Ask people about their failures and see what they are willing to share.

4.Harvest every project for the lessons to be learned. A project post-mortem should be conducted for every project, especially those projects that are canceled mid-stream. Also, PMs should maintain a journal of every success, failure, and lesson learned through the execution of the project. Ideally this is something that is done using a few minutes each day or once a week.

5.Expect failure as a requirement for success. If you and the people around you are not failing with regularity, you are not trying hard enough or taking enough risks.

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