Monday, May 17, 2010

When to Give Customers What They Didn't Ask For

I appreciate the fact that to anticipate and be ahead of what customers may need is a humble idea. Salesforce.coms' Collins find the success of Apple's drive to bring about the iPad pretty impressive, and yes, it is very impressive indeed. Herein lies my concern. Steve Jobs' success with the iPad was a bold step which is capturing millions of users as we speak. The iPad, is a great product that came about because of a brilliant idea, backed up by superb market intelligence. But what if it went it went the other way for the iPad. To base your entire existence on building products that customers is not the way to go. Unless you are okay with the fact that many wasted hours of planning and development in all phases of a product will be flushed down the drain.

Richard Adhikari writes that over the years, has gradually transformed itself from being a CRM company to a cloud services provider. Along the way, it partnered with leading-edge Web 2.0 companies such as Google and Facebook, and most recently, it teamed up with virtualization giant VMware to offer VMforce, a new platform for application developers.

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