Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Three Ships in Fleet of Success

Kerry Wills writes in PM Hut:

I believe there are three ‘ships’ that are essential to be in your fleet of success. I am not talking about the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. I mean the following three essential skills:
  1. OwnerSHIP Ownership means truly feeling accountable for the work and projects you are on. This means not just focusing on a particular task and hoping others will do theirs. This is genuinely owning all work even if you are not directly responsible for it.

  2. StewardSHIP
    Stewardship means caring about your work, the project and the company. Being a good steward means doing the right things for the company, growing the people around you and looking to improve things that are broken.

  3. LeaderSHIP
    Leadership is the ability to motivate and influence others to meet common goals. It also means being a champion for your team and supporting them.
I don’t see how a project manager can be successful without all three. If they don’t feel ownership of the project or stewardship to the organization, then there will be oversights and missed commitments. Without leadership, the team won’t be successful or feel motivated to do the work and key stakeholders won’t be influenced on key decisions.

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