Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Facebook boosts Google+ expansion

Facebook is fast becoming fertile ground for Google+ expansion. Facebook's success as a ginormous social network and open policies for information flow is perhaps an unexpected surprise that is aiding the growth of Google+ membership tremendously.

I sent a tweet a day ago for anyone to share a Google+ invite with me. I did not receive a response. With some limited research I found StuckInCustoms, that outlined a few easy steps to obtain a Google+ invite. Within a few seconds of providing my gmail address in one of the invite threads on the Stuck In Customs facebook fanpage, my Google+ account was set up. What was amazing was that requests for Google+ invites literally became viral. Well the idea is to pay it forward and help others to gain access to the Google+ network.

The apparent shutdown of the Google+ server has not been an obstacle at all as more people are added to Google+ every second. It has all to do with the opportunities that Facebook offer.

I doubt that Google+ will become a threat to Facebook in the near future. A big part of the hype right now is the human syndrome of "want to be part off". In my opinion, Facebook will remain the preferred social platform and Google+ will play catch-up, or that remains to be seen. 

Although interest Google+ has necessitated the apparent shutdown of their server, it has certainly garnered enough reason and opportunity for them to aggressively employ programmers to make Google+ more competitive.

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