Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The iPad is worth all the hype!

I visited a local mall earlier today with my son to buy him running shoes. I was instantly attracted to the hustle and bustle in the Apple store. It was just busier than normal and my curiosity took over. Not that I found it hard to believe with all the hype going on with the iPad and new iPhone 4G. Maybe it was because I saw this gentleman having lunch at the food-court watching what I believe was a movie on his iPad. I thought that was pretty cool.

I tread on the more traditional side of computers and software, hence PC's and laptops. I have read many articles on the iPad, and the many applications associated with it. It did not really appeal to me other than the fact that this was another cool gadget. What was anybody going to do with all these apps, I said to myself.

I entered the store and was met by the iPad displays. I found one spot open and quickly grabbed it. I wanted to find out for myself what this hype was all about. From the onset I was pleasantly surprised that the iPad was a perfect size. It was not to big or to small and it just felt totally cool to hold it. I played around it and accessing my blog etc. The other feature that I found amazing was the on-screen keyboard was just the right size. I found it very easy to to type on it.

The were a whole bunch of pretty cool apps uploaded already. I came to the realization that the new generation wants cool gadgets with all types applications. Who cares if I am going to use any of them. I need to have access to these in case my friends talk about it and find it cool. Again, to me, it all boils down to having access. All of us want to be in the loop.

Through all typing and dragging on the iPad I was thinking that with the right protective iPad cover I could take this anywhere/everywhere. It was lighter than my laptop, and easier to carry around. I was very impressed with the iPad. It was really worth all the hype! As matter of fact I found myself wanting one. Now, that is a different story. I will try my usual wait for 3 days and then see how you feel about it.

My son, 11years, found spot next to me and was having a ball as well. I looked around and saw that all of the 20 iPad's on display were occupied by people of all ages, and everyone was, what seemed to me, as interested and excited as I was. I thought to myself Apple has outdone itself again. Here I was having something in my hands that could be the norm for mobile computers in a couple of years. The iPad is the perfect intermediate for computers and smartphones, and it looks and feels damn good!

On leaving the store one of the Apple staff was standing in the entrance with an iPad in his hands. I thought to myself, this guy must feel pretty good to be part of a company that is leading the pack in its field of consumer electronic products. Apple is the leader in its field at the moment and all the rest are playing catch-up.


  1. I just don't know how we will keep up with the student's in the house.I will try it out and give a more informed comment.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am certain you will love it. Like Kris said. it is pretty hard not to like Apple.