Monday, March 8, 2010

Canada Federal Government supports Olympic medal drive

Canada's federal goverment made a concerted effort to support the Olympic medal drive in support of the fundraising campaign, "Own the podium 2010". As an aftermath of the Vancouver Olympic games, this government support had it's fair share in the Canadian team's record breaking 14 Olympic gold medals in the 2010 event. Namibia needs to look into initiatives to produce Olympic greats such as Frank Fredericks. Namibia has produced sporting great's in numerous sporting disciplines like athletics, boxing, mountain biking, and some others. These achievements were realized through the dedication and hardwork of the athletes, but I dare say, through meagre sponsorships. If we as Namibians are happy with our sporting greats of the past and fail to actively seek ways to open up opportunities for new talent, which Namibia so richly has, it is and will just be sad. We need to seek for ways and means to support the National Sport Council's and influence the Namibian government to enact legislature to enable Namibia sport to add to our list of Olympic great's.

As a first step we can take a look at the latest success story:

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