Thursday, January 7, 2010

Facebook App Devs Can See Your Private Parts

Facebook has insisted its members review their privacy settings to control what other Facebook members can see about them. However, the site has done little to address the issue of privacy in terms of what Facebook application developers can know. In fact, one option that allowed users to not share info with app devs seems to have disappeared.

You may have taken time out from playing "Mafia Wars," "FarmVille" or answering that "Which Muppet Are You?" quiz to update your privacy settings on Facebook this week. However, when you were clicking on your choices for who could see your updates and personal data, did you happen to notice any mention of those third-party applications involving games, quizzes and other outside software linking up to the world's largest social media network? How much access to your personal info do the developers of these apps have?
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  1. Yes, I am concerned about the privacy , especially when I receive the gifts is at that point that I do not accept gifts etc.It is indeed a concern to me, but then, it is such a wonderful platform to share , especially your pictures, with loved ones when you are so far away from them.I guess there will always be risks, and in the final analysis, it is the individual who has to take the decision:-)